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Support Your Entire IT Infrastructure with a Single Solution

Just like end-users and customers, your IT infrastructure requires constant support. However, unlike your user base, your back-office IT systems, applications, and equipment don't just work from 9 to 5. Whether you are supporting Linux web servers, Windows application servers, Unix mainframes, or Cisco networking hardware, you know that uptime is measured in months, but downtime is measured in dollars.

The Solution

EcoNet Technologies offers a solution for supporting your IT infrastructure remotely that combines the on-premise, unattended access model of legacy remote control tools with the web-enabled architecture of end-user remote support solutions. EcoNet Technologies 's secure appliance is installed in your DMZ and integrated into your environment, enabling you to control access through your user directory and audit every remote access session.

⇒ Web-Enabled: EcoNet Technologies works seamlessly through firewalls by routing traffic outbound to a central appliance. This means that you can support any system anywhere in your organization. EcoNet Technologies even enables administrator-only access to non-internet-facing systems via the web with EcoNet Technologies 's patented Jumpoint technology.

⇒ Unattended Support: EcoNet Technologies enables remote access through the web without requiring a person's help to give you control. Installing a EcoNet Technologies JumpTM client enables your administrators to gain access to any system, day or night. This client can be installed ad-hoc or with an MSI.

⇒ Multi-platform: With EcoNet Technologies , support agents can remotely connect to and support systems running nearly any platform, including Windows 2000 and later, multiple Linux distributions and even Mac OS X. Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and Windows Mobile handhelds are also supported for when issues with your infrastructure become issues with your user base. EcoNet Technologies also enables direct command line access to network devices, mainframes, and other systems with a feature called Shell Jump.

⇒ Security: In 2012, the Verizon Business RISK team found that remote access tools were used in 88% of hacking-related breaches. The EcoNet Technologies appliance protects your support team and customers by keeping system access and data behind your own firewall and security measures, integrating with your identity management tools, and capturing a full audit trail, including video recordings, of all remote support activity. EcoNet Technologies even enables you to create separate groups for vendor access (called Embassy), ensuring that both internal and external system access is centrally controlled and auditable.

⇒ Concurrent Licensing: EcoNet Technologies 's concurrent licensing model means that you only pay for the licenses that you will use at the same time. Licensing per concurrent technician is much more cost effective than licensing per remote system.